Health care choices should be based on current research, intuition, individual needs and circumstances. The statements below and in previous posts are based on my own research and experiences; they are not intended as medical advice.

Doctors are paid professionals who work for us. Our best bet is to do our own research from reputable sources and get several “expert” opinions before choosing a practitioner and especially before making any crucial decisions.

I defied dozens of doctors’ recommendations and created a customized health care plan and team that is conducive to my budget and desire to maintain optimal health. It has been eight years since I was faced with invasive DCIS (ductal carcinoma) breast cancer.

I said no, repeatedly, to surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, mammography and pharmaceutical drugs.

Instead, I have chosen remedies recommended by respected doctors and brave journalists who researched cures not acknowledged by most modern medical systems. Thankfully, many are now revealed in The Truth about Cancer documentary series.

I have felt perfectly healthy, physically, the entire time.

There is solid research validating my avoidance of conventional medicine’s standard approach. I wrote more about my decision process here.


The facts are pouring in and since the legalization of medicinal cannabis in 26 states, many have accessed the miraculous benefits of this plant.

Here is a video with a microscope view of cannabis turning breast cancer cells into healthy cells!

I am finally able to access medical marijuana legally in both topical and vapor form. I feel better than ever and I continue to hear the most amazing testimonials in dispensaries and discussion groups!

12729085_10153565084501843_1752089196855962339_nResearch clearly shows that both Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) prevent cancer cells from spreading and stop blood supply to tumors.

I can attest to the side benefits too, which include relief from the anxiety of the diagnosis.

Cancer killers I also used topically include frankincense and myrrh essential oils, which have curative properties and can also help ease the emotional aspects of any disease.

As the saying goes, the best things in life are free. Case in point are the Benefits of Vitamin DI followed the sun and I moved to Florida to access nature’s healing rays. If I leave the sunshine state and don’t get enough, I take a natural vitamin D supplement.

vit-d-benefitsFor the health of my mind, body and soul, I exercise in nature whenever possible.

I love to walk, kayak and hula hoop outdoors, and I jump on a trampoline too, which is especially important for lymph drainage. 

Exercise and outdoor activity helps with stress too, a major player in leading causes of disease. Check out my interview with Dr. Lisa Maharajh on that subject.

Emotions are linked to disease. Mine included war, relationship trauma, divorce, and many moves. Here’s a great explanation of the connection between past stress and positive thinking on the dis-ease.

I wrote memoirs to release stuffed trauma and to share valuable information and lessons. Search my name or download my e-book at Barnes and Noble

I am also dealing with stress and emotional causes of the dis-ease through yoga, prayer and meditation. Positive thoughts, pet therapy, music, fun, laughter, and even sex help with stress relief!


Sleep is crucial for stress relief and balanced hormones too.

Our immune system knows… and a natural, healthy diet is key to supporting it. I am avoiding SUGAR, which suppresses the immune system and is well-known to be the favorite food of almost all types of cancer. I limit processed foods and those that have been genetically modified or known to disrupt hormones, like soy products and plastics.

For the first year, I drank lots of vegetable juice. I learned that when you juice heavily, rapid detoxification and tumor cells could overwhelm the body. So, to dump toxins and tumor cells from the liver (like an oil/filter change) I did coffee enemas, a practice formerly included in medical textbooks.

I didn’t go the raw, vegan route, though many do. Instead I follow Dr. D’Adamo’s Blood Type Diet (I am Type O). I focus on healthy fats, protein and fiber and I prepare any cooked food (wild-caught fish, organic poultry and vegetables) in my Dr. Mercola-approved healthy cookware to avoid chemicals that can leach from pots and pans.

Faced with a hormone-fueled cancer, I took a supplement researched to rid the body of excess estrogen. It is made from broccoli, called DIM.

No matter what health issue you face or which route you take, cleansing your body of toxins is crucial. I discussed the benefits of cleansing in one of my Local TV episodes.

Fermented vegetables are an amazing probiotic for the gut and the immune system. I recorded a show about that too. 

Research shows the healing benefits of Chiropractic adjustments!  Keeping the spine aligned reduces stress and helps our brain and nervous system communicate to our body systems.

Health seekers can find more information in links above on this permanent page and in my past posts. Feel free to share with others who can benefit.

XO Carrie Ann