Essential Oil of Lavender is essential to me for stress relief, peace and relaxation.

I am also a huge fan of ylang ylang for uplifting my mood and filling my space with positive scents and good vibes.



There are many types of aromatherapy diffusers, choose what works for your style and rooms.

Himalayan salt baths are amazing too!


Yoga blankets can help with home practice and meditation too.

A good eye pillow is also great for yoga, meditation and any time to unwind and relax.


Put a few drops of essential oil of lavender to really enhance the experience.

The simple answer for those seeking medical marijuana is to find a medical marijuana doctor and know the laws in your state. The Department of Health website for your state will give you the facts and list of doctors.

Once you meet with the doctor and  register with the state, you will receive a card in the mail. Your doctor will prescribe the best dose and ratio of CBD to THC for your condition.

Then you are off to the dispensary, which will supply you with the cannabis oil cartridge, tincture or topical gel. They will educate you about the strains they have on hand and their medical benefits.