International Women’s Day

Remember when women stood up for THEIR beliefs, beliefs that did not support war, forced medicine, mutilation and sexualization of children, forced sexual ideologies? Issues that affected all colors, ages, sizes, nationalities, politics and beliefs?

These days, many are too afraid or distracted. Freedom of speech and protesting peacefully is a luxury of the past.

Many women are scared to voice their opinions, because of the backlash received from those that control the media’s narratives.

Women on both the “left” and the “right” were my support when I was a military wife during the onset of the Iraq War.

They stood up against war! War that was started on false pretenses. Something I was not allowed to do, as an officer’s wife.

When I lived in Clarksville, Tenn. the military wives gathered and played Bunco or painted bird houses. It was something. It was a chance to converse with others who understood my situation.

Living in Mattituck, NY there were few military wives, but I found a group of spiritual women who supported me with prayers and friendship.

I was surrounded by strong, smart healers when I managed an alternative health center in Garden City and a yoga studio in Southampton, New York. We worked together to heal other women, naturally.

I am celebrating the brave, kind women who follow their beliefs and stand up for what is good, for all.

I hope you find good women and celebrate them!

Carrie Ann