Spiritual Advice For The Times

“I will not suppress my anger. I will scream and shout and stamp. Breathing deep I release it all, and return to the eternal dance.” Kaypacha

Spirituality is not about stuffing emotions and pretending everything is beautiful.

“The world is a little bit of a mess” Kaypacha told his followers in his weekly Pele report video this week. He referred to planned war, the Ukraine, Turkey needing help as residents seek shelter and blankets to keep warm after the earthquake.

“It is out of our control” the esteemed astrologer, shaman, teacher advised.

Not only our outer world is in crisis, our inner worlds too. All of us, he explained. It’s planetary.

Aside from external preparations, Kaypacha said to focus on our bodies. Make them stronger and feed them healthy food.

I hope this helps. Here’s this week’s video. Kaypacha can also be found on Rumble.

“There will be another fabricated emergency” Kaypacha

XO Carrie Ann