Finding Truth

It may seem like I am offline to those who used to see my posts and photos regularly on FAKEbook. I can no longer support the corporation, since it pushed government propaganda at the request of the FBI, falsely fact-checked truth about the pandemic, vaccine safety and a presidential election. I deleted my account and believe the site should be shut down.

I used to have four Instagram accounts until Meta, the owner of both Facebook and Instagram, shadow banned me and recorded users illegally without permission. I deleted the apps from my devices and deleted my accounts, so my name and content could not be used against me.

I am determined to find truth, no matter how challenging that has become.

I am giving a try, and you should too! Supporting free speech has never been more important.

Rumble is the alternative to YouTube, which did not allow any questioning of the 2020 presidential election?!

I am also finding and telling the truth about natural health care.

my medical Marijuana story on rumble