Messages from Beyond

The group leader said it was a safe place at the start, so I opened up about how my dad communicates through mediums and how reassuring it is when I hear a song or see his numbers on a receipt.

Memories of my dad make me happy

I wanted a message from my father. I wanted to know what to write about.

Sonny and Gabby Salvi,
growing up in NYC

There were no mediums at the group. Luckily, my dad pulled through as always.

I woke up thinking about our tradition of a kick line to ‘New York New York’ at the end of family gatherings.

Maybe I will try to write about the good times, I thought, dragging my sleepless self out of bed at 5 a.m. I also had repetitive thoughts of putting the clock radio on my new desk, so I brought it out with me, and put it on.

‘New York, New York’ was playing!

“If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere” sang Frank Sinatra, my father’s favorite artist.

It was a little loud and early, and I wondered what the neighbors thought, but I left it on to fully savor the experience, and feel the love.

I did a few solo kicks to let the deejay know I got the message.