Nurture Yourself

An excerpt from my memoir.

“Good morning my dear,” Mary Ellen said, dismounted from her bicycle in a long flowy skirt with a basket of blueberry muffins.

“I had a lovely time with Rissa and the Girl Scouts last night,” she added, as if Wonder Woman was alive and well in the office.

How did she do it all? I wondered.

“How is the day looking?” she asked, dipping a bag of Kukicha twig tea into a mug she brought from home.

She was a Doctor of Chiropractic and her spinal adjustments were the core of this center. The healing tree branched out into massage therapy, reflexology, nutrition, yoga and workshops.

“Why cut out an organ just because it is malfunctioning?” Mary Ellen asked her audience at a lecture. “We must look to the cause,” she said.

Taking a pill may stop your pain, but symptoms are a wake up call, a problem to be corrected, she explained.

We organized play dates to build community and enjoy healthy time out in nature.

We created a newsletter and attempted to educate the world about holistic health.

President Trump’s daughter made the newsletter back in the day.

As a scientist, doctor, and mother, Mary Ellen was a cheerleader for the human body.

“When you cut your finger, your body heals it. It is equipped with the mechanisms to repair itself,” Dr. Zawacki explained.

“Our bodies carry humans and provide food for them, how can we not trust Divine intelligence” she said, still amazed, after birthing two of her own.

Mary Ellen Zawacki, DC

Mary Ellen always walked her talk; she ate healthy fresh food, denied vaccinations, carried reusable grocery bags, all back in the nineties, before it was in style.

She was against pill-popping and thought many could be healed by eliminating poisons they consumed.

“The pharmaceutical companies are going to take over the world,” she warned.

Mary Ellen Zawacki, DC
Cherished Last Words

“I have seen a lot worse cars with people who walked away,” the man at the junked car lot told me.

“Do not stand at my grave and weep” JoAnn Venti prayed, up at the coffin where I just flipped out.

JoAnn was our spiritual coach, me and Mary Ellen sat in a circle with her each Tuesday evening, learning how to be better Christians. Now she was in this funeral home, beating a drum, trying to help us through the death of our mentor, doctor, healer, mother, wife, daughter, sister.

JoAnn read a message from Mary Ellen, in her own words, from one of our newsletters.

Become empowered, walk your talk, practice daily rituals and decide life indeed is good and we are privileged to live it. Let us be still and be in awe, for that is the beginning of wisdom.
Laugh and sing, that you may be blessed by everything and that everything you look on will be blessed. Herein lies the grace that will expand our souls.

Mary Ellen Zawacki