Natural Health and Beauty

Civil and/or impending world war takes a toll on my health as well as my skin.

With a wide open border, threats of nuclear war, and a treasonous regime destroying America, I have increased my stress reduction practices and tool box.

A former executive in the natural product and nutrition industry, I like to support reputable corporations that are not owned by enemies, so I search for shareasale affiliates that I feel I can trust.

I recently ordered this aromatherapy humidifier and diffuser, and it has been helpful for stress reduction.

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I use frankincense essential oil topically and as aromatherapy for emotional health.

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Turmeric has been researched to be one of the most powerful roots grown, used as a medicinal spice.

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What you put on your skin is highly absorbed. I do not inject or rub poison in or on mine.

I have tried many natural skin care lines but most are too expensive. I like everything I have used so far from Gabriel Cosmetics.

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Stay safe!

XO Carrie Ann