Storm Preparedness

After living through storms and their aftermaths I gained some wisdom. Here are a few things to consider.

The tornado photo featured on this blog post came out of an unnamed storm.

A storm’s path is uncertain no matter what you are told. Nature cannot be nailed down. Unexpected turns are common.

Size matters. Pay attention even if you are not in the direct path. The cone is wide and the eye of the storm can go to either end of it.

Hurricanes have strengthened to category 5 in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, right through landfall.

Don’t let your guard down if a storm is downgraded, this changes quickly.

Regardless of category, outer bands have wicked storms, life threatening rain and tornadoes. Be sure to set alerts and charge your devices.

Check if you are in an evacuation zone. If so, get going before the roads are flooded, flights are canceled, bridges and ferries shut down.

Have you made ice in plastic containers and zip sealed bags? If bottled water is scarce or pricy, the ice will melt.

You may not be able to flush your toilet or take a shower. Have you left buckets out for rainwater to use for flushing? Stocked up on wipes?

Stay safe!

Carrie Ann