Roomies Come Together

“There’s music in dreams!”

I awoke and announced my revelation to my then college roommate, asking her to write it down.

Carrie and Kimmy

We both love music.

She was always awake later than me, whether it was cramming for a test or chatting on the phone with her many admirers, including her mother.

Everyone loves Kim. I was lucky her mother hated the room she was originally supposed to be in, in Onondaga Hall, because I got her in mine.

She also had the best Beatles jacket I ever saw. It was like those varsity football jackets I loved but with a fabulous band instead! Even better.

Cut to 2022…

Music is still in my dreams and also my health plan…I am also trying to find a new home, and in my hour of darkness I needed a little help from my friends.

I texted Kimmy and invited her to come to Florida to see Sir Paul. I bought two tickets after hearing him on the radio, saying he was going to ‘Get Back’ as promised.

I hadn’t seen Kim in almost a decade. We both married military men and stayed close for years but miles and disabilities kept me from seeing her as I would have liked since my divorce. I needed a little help from my friends and she was my favorite.

There will be an answer. Let it be.

Paul McCartney

“I’d love to see you, and Paul is a bonus” she replied, and she booked her flight and even a time share near the venue.

I packed a bag.

We were poolside with the new cup she brought me by evening.

‘Let your heart be your compass’

The show was amazing!

Money can’t buy me love, but it bought me tickets to Paul McCartney
at Camping World Stadium

I love the Blessed Mother monument (and words of wisdom from Mother Mary) but Orlando is too city for me.

I will be sharing more on my home search and Florida lifestyles soon, as I hope for my former roommate and I to ‘come together’ much more often.

Happy Birthday Kimmy!