My Pandemic Tool Box

With decades of employment and education in preventative health care, I have acquired a great set of tools.

I created my own health plan when faced with an autoimmune disease, and I will stick to it firmly facing a pandemic. You see, my holistic health care plan is already designed to support the body’s own immune system.

I will modify it with additional vitamin C from whole foods, anti-viral herbs, immune boosting teas and foods, along with antiviral wipes and a mask.

From a recent article by The Truth About Cancer

For over 10 years, I have followed Dr. MERCOLA and other natural health experts, in addition to decades of my own education and training as a health food store manager and natural product sales executive.

When I managed an alternative health center, I learned of many modalities like massage and yoga that increase the functioning of many body systems and decrease stress.

I added a few items to my lifestyle links page and I am praying.

XO, Carrie Ann

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