I am a card-carrying cannabis oil patient.

My own research made cannabis the first priority when it came to my health, and accessing the plant legally also covered my second priority, stress reduction.

This plant takes the edge off the stress of any situation. I immediately feel myself breathing more evenly and deeply after a two-second inhale of my vaporizer.

While I taste subtle hints of citrus and pine from the terpenes in the plant, there is no smoke or odor.

My state of mind is totally under my control with the vaporizer.

Cannabis oil in vape, by Trulieve

I am able to access the plant in a topical, liquid and vapor form in the sunshine state, and Trulieve has offered me everything I need, except a job with them 🙂

Trulieve delivers

The more strains I try, the more I learn to curate my mood for the tasks or tornadoes of the day. I use the liquid tincture at night for a healing, peaceful sleep.

I am so grateful to be able to experience and share the benefits of this plant.

Coming soon: A video chat with my marijuana doctor, Dr. Ralph Rophie of Clearwater, Florida, who says the medicine is “safer than ketchup”.

Stay tuned…