I wrote this article┬álast week for Green Flower Media, but mostly I wrote it for my mother. She suffers from the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The article also links to a story I wrote about my own journey toward the medicinal weed for breast cancer.


Decades of negative stigma and false information about the marijuana plant has prevented my mother and many from getting the relief they need.

The federal scheduling of the plant as a harmful substance has prevented the research needed. But that is all changing!

1502320_10204094162175635_4078946715181445429_oAs I wrote in the article,  my mother was a fabulous dancer.

She dated my dad in the big band Copa Cabana days in New York City. For five decades, they were reliable for floor-clearing performances at family gatherings…

Here’s hoping my mother will dance again!

Please share the article with others who may benefit.