I was back in New York for the holidays, reminiscing with family over vintage photos and Christmas Cream, a decadent adult treat bottled and gifted annually by family friends, when I recalled a conversation I had earlier with my niece about chia seeds. SCAN0010_6

“That’s my one thing I do to prevent cancer,” she said.

I also contemplated the topic over two or three golden cups, a favorite sister-baked pastry, NY bagels, and a slice of Grandma pizza, which I allowed myself knowing full well that “white foods” such as processed flour and sugar are cancer’s favorite feast.

If I had to choose only one thing to prevent cancer, what would it be? I wondered.

I poured a glass of alkaline water with lemon,  and decided, that is it.  I’ve read repeatedly that cancer can’t live in an alkaline environment, after all, and plus I planted a lemon tree before I left Florida.

But wait, maybe fermented foods should be the one thing. After all, they are alkaline-forming too, with the side benefit of being an amazing immune-system-boosting probiotic that eats sugar-loving cancer cells. IMG_7189

Or should it be stress reduction? Or sunlight? A big part of my decision to move to Florida was my research and gut instincts showing that vitamin D from sunlight is a necessity, and stress is my worst enemy.

The truth is, in addition to making major life changes, I have spent the last few years learning enough to make my brain explode, and I do at least 12 things per day to prevent cancer. Most of them come quite easily  as part of my health protocol.

It would be difficult to only do just one. But cancer or no cancer, I believe “the one thing” all people interested in their health should do is to take responsibility for it. We must look to the cause, trust our instincts, and do our own research.

We won’t find drug companies lobbying for sunlight and exercise, or funding research on how those two free luxuries can dramatically improve our health and mental wellness.

IMG_9499It can be as easy as a Google search or following noted professionals and reputable sources who regularly publish valuable research.

I am forever grateful to Dr. Mercola, who helped me to feel confident with my anti-conventional path, and who spends his time and profits standing up to big-bulling-business.  I am so thankful for The Truth About Cancer emails, posts, and their documentary series for validating my own success and sharing their research, interviews and testimonials widely to help others.

The sad reality is that our government controls the safety of what we eat and drink and what is injected into our veins, and they have sold out to corporations that benefit from our illness. Pharmaceutical and chemical companies dictate ‘health’ policies including what drugs we are dosed and injected with.  Our food and water supply is being poisoned and what used to be five vaccines is now around 35, with life-threatening risks. The perpetrators profit, protected from liability for the damage.

My trust is in my own mind and body, supporting the innate intelligence within.

My various careers have validated the benefit of allowing the body to heal and supporting it when necessary. I witnessed the disappearance of allergies and ear infections in children after a few chiropractic adjustments and/or elimination of dairy. On the flip side, I interviewed parents of autistic children who claim their child’s personality and all of their lives changed dramatically and negatively after a slew of shots. 

I watched first hand as a medical doctor trained in natural medicine helped patients defeat disease, ditch drugs, and take control of their health with lifestyle changes and supplementation. I researched the surprising benefits of cannabis, for both seizures and cancer, despite illegality in most states and lack of acknowledgement by insurance companies, who prefer to profit from cancer-causing chemotherapy, radiation and diagnostic tests.

My one thing? To trust my experience, intuition, research, and to support my body’s functioning as the most amazing machine ever to exist…except on holidays.