The Marijuana Plant Saved Charlotte, and Many Others

An excerpt from an article I wrote for the Institute for Natural Healing…

Five-year old Charlotte Figi had a genetic disorder called Dravet syndrome, she had hundreds of seizures a week. That was three years ago. Charlotte’s parents began a hospice program because she was starving to death. Their daughter was barely able to swallow water. Faced with severe consequences such as experimental horse seizure medications or putting their daughter in a coma, the Figis were lucky to hear about the possibilities of help from the marijuana plant in the nick of time.

Within months of treatment with oil called Cannabidiol (CBD), Charlotte was able to walk, talk, and feed herself. The treatment has high amounts of CBD. It’s a potent, natural product of the Cannabis plant… Yet Charlotte’s Web does not contain chemicals that get you high.

Her mom, Paige Figi, recently told CNBC that they put the oil in Charlotte’s mouth…and she stopped seizing immediately. After a few months, she could walk, talk, and feed herself.

Charlotte is enjoying her childhood thanks to the marijuana plant.

Charlotte is enjoying her childhood thanks to the marijuana plant.

‘Charlotte’s Web’ is more than a story to thousands of children who suffer from epileptic seizures. Instead, it is a form of marijuana that has saved their lives. And it’s illegal in most states. The growers, the Stanley Brothers, named this strain of the cannabis plant after Charlotte.

Today, Charlotte is a healthy child. She doesn’t take any pharmaceutical drugs. She can go to school… Play with her twin sister—and older brother… She even rides a horse.

Charlotte can now play with her twin sister and her brother. Photo by Lisa Work

Charlotte can now play with her twin sister and her brother. Photo by Lisa Work

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a neurosurgeon, filmed a documentary about kids like Charlotte that aired on CNN. Parents told their first-hand stories. Often, amazing results occurred with the very first doses.

Meanwhile, legal seizure meds have many severe side effects. They include an inability to speak, eat, or walk. Some kids have excruciating headaches. Parents also dislike that the drugs change their child’s personality. It makes many kids angry, mean, and even violent.

Thankfully, Charlotte does not need to suffer from dangerous seizure drugs… And she barely has a seizure anymore. Her hemp oil treatment helped reduce her seizure frequency by 99%. And she is not alone… CNBC reports that 85% of patients who use the CBD have a reduction in seizures. Paige Figi now works with the Realm of Caring to help other children have access to this miraculous, herbal treatment.

People around the world have moved to Colorado since the state legalized cannabis for those who live there. The stress of leaving or dividing their families is worth it. They want to save and/or improve their kids’ lives.

Not only the children suffer. Seizure disorders cause financial and mental stress on those who care for them. For example, many children need to stay indoors to avoid outdoor light. They require constant and intensive care. They often have to go to the hospital. Many parents stay awake all night long in fear that their child will stop breathing.

Those who tried to make the oil on their own have had little success. It is difficult to make a safe, effective dose. As a result, thousands in Colorado wait on a list for the oil. Few dispensaries carry that specific, legal strain.

Marijuana also has promise for other diseases, like breast cancer. Unfortunately, the U.S. only recently allowed limited testing of the plant for use as medicine. Historically, pharmacies sold oils from the plant for decades, until it was banned in the 1930’s.


Current federal law says that CBD and THC are Schedule 1 drugs with no accepted medical use. Big Pharma is pumping untold amounts of money to keep it that way… They don’t want to miss out on those profits…

Even conservative states such as Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida have allowed the use of Charlotte’s Web for patients with seizures. On the flip side, there are still many politicians who are not open to the plant’s medicinal uses.

Paige Figi is also working tirelessly to effect change legally to help those who suffer.  Her new 501c4  just dropped a bill Wednesday in DC, HR1635, to amend the Controlled Substances Act to exclude cannabidiol-rich plants. It is the nonprofit’s first project of many.

About 2.7 million people in the United States suffer from seizures. Half of them are children. They are kept from the relief they need. Marijuana can help. Yet their health is even more at risk with the drugs doctors push on them…

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